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The definitive Payroll KPIs

The definitive Payroll KPIs

During 2021, i-Realise delivered a webinar and whitepaper that presented our suggestions for a payroll and reward Key Performance Indicator model. PROCESS looked at the function’s elements and suggested performance measurements. However, we wanted this to be modified with wider industry engagement so we formed a KPI Working Group, ensuring that our model was reflective of what the industry needed.

Following analysis of the feedback, we announced the launch of our revised KPI model in National Payroll Week. This was the first time that an employer-led performance measurement model had been brought to the profession and it is appropriate that this ‘launched’ in the week devoted to the promotion of our profession. Formed by the profession, specifically for the profession.

On September 9th, as part of National Payroll Week, we presented the updated model that gives payroll and reward functions a set of KPI measurements for the first time.

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