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Is methodology key to digital transformation?

Is methodology key to digital transformation?

8 steps to transformation success

Organisations are sometimes faced with the challenge of how to find clarity from seeming chaos within their operating model, including their business processes, organisation, IT and data and their inter-relationships. Working through the complexity of all these elements and providing a clear vision for optimum design for the future requires a logical and practical step by step approach.

Without a clear methodology, companies can spend as much time arguing about the approach to change as they do to the changes themselves. Alternatively, they fall into the trap of an overly prescriptive approach, spending large quantities of time on tasks that seem unrelated to the problems that need solving.

Using our experience and tried and tested X|R|M™ methodology we support customers through unravelling this complexity and demonstrating a glidepath to clarity. Here we provide an insight into 8 vital steps that can help simplify the vision and the end process.

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