Payroll KPI Assessment

Your payroll KPIs confirmed

Recognising that departments in organisations are not the same, KPIs need to be bespoke and tailored. Our experience and published research suggests that payroll departments either don’t have KPIs in place or fail to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do. That’s why we introduced the Payroll KPI Assessment.

What we do

  1. Understand what your objectives are with KPIs, what visibility you are trying to achieve and to whom, problem areas you are targeting and actions you might expect to take and which are month to month operational objectives vs more strategic objectives.
  2. Overall understanding of current payroll set up and structure, in-house or outsourced, the internal team, systems used, level of automation, number of employees, main types of employment contract, etc.
  3. Identify target areas of PROCESS KPIs to meet your needs.
  4. Review current data/information availability (source, detail, frequency of change) to support creation of target KPIs.
  5. Identify additional data/information requirements to generate required KPIs and determine the process for how they can be created.

How we would do it

  1. Initial call/interview with project lead requesting this support to understand objectives, current situation and agree other relevant people to contact.
  2. Calls/interviews with other key stakeholders to understand their requirements.
  3. Further call to agree priority PROCESS KPIs based on feedback and experience.
  4. Create KPI proposal document including which KPIs to use and why, examples of what they would look like (current level, suggested targets), how they would be created, maintained, and reported, the frequency of reporting and audience.
  5. Review, agree and sign off with relevant stakeholders.

Resource and cost

The cost for the Payroll Assessment is £7,750 and includes all materials and deliverables. The work would be undertaken by two experienced i-Realise resources with specific expertise in creating and delivering Payroll KPIs.

As the work will be undertaken remotely there will be no disbursements.

What next?

For more information on our Payroll KPI Assessment please contact us with your enquiry, or call us on +44 (0)20 3008 6358.

You can also check out our Payroll expertise in our Case Study section.

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