Payroll improvements

Payroll improvements

We’ve learned that payroll isn’t simple. The calculation is the easy part…the inputs and outputs are harder to manage as they come from so many functions. Our payroll services help you address these areas in the context of the wider business.

The last few years have seen a raft of legislation, and even emergency pay schemes, that impact the payroll process. We support HR and Payroll teams to prepare and manage process change, automation and systems implementations that can reduce cycle time, manual work and leakage – and make your payroll more flexible.

We offer a range of payroll improvements to help you do this, starting with our payroll diagnostic

Get started with our payroll diagnostic

Our Payroll Diagnostic helps you to fully understand how all of your Payroll processes impact on the running of your Payroll system. We address issues such as non-compliance, duplication of information or effort, leakage/over-payments and interactions with related Finance, HR and time and attendance systems.

Our fixed-price diagnostic is an affordable way to show your business how payroll really works and highlight any areas for attention.

We will tell you:

We will deliver:

  • High-level process flow with issues identified
  • Conceptual flow diagram that documents ‘the life of payroll’
  • List of issues with root causes identified
  • List of risks and opportunities
  • Indicative costs of the payroll operation
  • Proposed areas for payroll improvements
  • Plan for how to deliver them

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Whatever your change, the most costly thing you can do is wait too long to start. We’re happy to spend two hours with you in a virtual session to either map a new or broken process, or uncover the key issues you need to fix. 

Book an initial call to discuss your workshop requirements.

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The i-Realise payroll forums provide an ideal opportunity to discuss topical subjects in an open and confidential environment.  I find the forums extremely beneficial and enjoyable; I have met new people, gained a wider understanding of payroll across a variety of industries and shared best practice solutions.  I highly recommend attending.
Katie Symmons, DHL

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