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Customer and Employee Journey Transformation

Winning and keeping customers is ever-more critical. Retaining and upskilling talented employees will help you attract and retain the customers you need.

Whether you’re transforming or digitising your end-to-end customer or employee journey – or improving a single touch-point – it needs to land smoothly with customers and employees to work.

i-Realise are the business readiness people. We help you analyse the customer impact of business change, especially in complex or distributed organisations. We will identify the process bottlenecks and the opportunities most likely to reduce pain points and improve satisfaction.

We bring a flexible and practical methodology coupled with senior people who have held HR and Customer Service roles. They can interface with other functions to ensure change doesn’t disrupt the customer experience and will join your team day-to-day to get the work done.

We also use digital tools like Signavio process mapping and mining, Onsophic behavioural prompts and triggers and Robotic Process Automation to ensure a more agile approach to your transformation.

Our Employee, Customer or Sales Journey Diagnostic will show your business how the process really works for both customers and employees and highlight any areas for attention. It’s designed to focus your efforts on opportunities to improve the experience and identify potential cost savings or revenue opportunities.

We will also highlight areas that could be most easily automated using RPA, reducing manual work and freeing up employees to undertake more meaningful, value-add work.

An End-to-End Journey Diagnostic will tell you:

What you will get with our Journey Diagnostic:

• Interviews with 6 key stakeholders
• Conceptual flow diagram of your employee or customer journey with RAG status identified
• List of key issues & risks with potential root causes
• Key change ideas with features and benefits outlined (including potential savings)
• Proposed areas for improvement
• Areas that are most suitable for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
• Suggested schedule of works to deliver the improvements

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i-Realise have exceeded my expectations in bringing external specialism to the company whilst integrating seamlessly within our organisation, to the extent that most of the business consider them to be our employees. They have been instrumental in ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of a very complex Payroll system as well as helping us to employ best practice elsewhere in the organisation. We couldn’t have done it without them!
Margaret Rose, DHL

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