Change Consulting

Change Consulting

Right now, many companies are having to build a ‘New Normal’ operating model. Not only does this involve combining the best working practices from before and after lockdown, it also requires a more agile approach to change in your organisation. The static change plan is a thing of the past.

Our Change Consulting package is an affordable way to get started. We de-risk future changes to your operating model by giving you foresight of their potential impact, so you can choose the best path with confidence. We will also address issues like non-compliance, duplication of effort and which new technologies to leverage to enable your new normal.

Our fixed-price simulation is an affordable way to show your business what the best combination of old and new practices is, the potential impact on your customers or employees, and how to build better resilience to change through your organisation.

Whatever you’re trying to change, you’ll need a broad range of skills to land it well. That can become expensive or lengthen your project if you have to hire in contractors. Or it becomes a source of stress or overtime for your own team, if they don’t have all the skills they’d need.

That’s why companies choose i-Realise. Our people have business-wide experience and use a proven and practical methodology to scope and implement change programmes that will land the benefits you need. We can swap different skillsets in and out of your team depending on the stage of the project, and to complement the skills you already have within your team. And most importantly, our people work side by side with yours, to upskill them for future projects. We’re not here to simply ‘consult’.

We offer a range of affordable change consulting programmes to help you land any change. An example would be our New Normal operating model programme.

We will deliver:

  • Analysis of your Old (As-Was) and Current (As-Is) processes and their impact
  • Development of your Change Ideas and their review with stakeholders
  • Simulation of up to 3 alternatives using Signavio
  • Design of your New Normal operating model and processes
  • The business case and project plan for your chosen route
  • Access to digital tools and processes that will allow a more agile approach to change

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Whatever your change, the most costly thing you can do is wait too long to start. We’re happy to spend two hours with you in a virtual session to either map a new or broken process, or uncover the key issues you need to fix. 

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The support for our Global Change project that i-Realise provided immediately hit the mark. They gave us a clear picture of how our project should unfold and built high-quality tools into the programme to help us deliver more quickly.  What was particularly good was the highly collaborative approach. You let us input into the design but also brought insight and detailed knowledge, tips and techniques that kept us in control of our suppliers and therefore our project.
HR Service Director, Global Manufacturer

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