Change is essential for business.

We help you control how well it's done.

What We Do

We help senior HR, Operations and Finance executives to design and implement business change. Whether you’re looking to transform your operating model, achieve internal efficiencies or improve your customer experience, we can help.

Our business readiness toolkit can be applied from strategy through to implementation. We can help you in all three or just one of these areas.


We’ve worked with businesses such as Argos, DHL and RBS to land both company-wide transformation and functional change programmes. Read some of our business readiness case studies here.

Change Consulting

Leverage the full range of skills required to design and deliver change well. Our people have business-wide experience and use a proven and practical methodology to scope and implement change and land the benefits.

Payroll Improvements

We will show your business how your payroll really works and highlight any areas for attention across the business. Designed to save the cost of future errors, improve cycle time or reduce leakage and manual work.

Customer and Employee Journey Transformation

Need to improve, digitise or transform the journey for external customers or employees? We will identify the process bottlenecks and the opportunities most likely to reduce pain points and improve satisfaction.

RPA or Systems Implementation

We provide valuable impartial advice and hands-on support to ensure that a new system or RPA implementation runs smoothly and achieves all of your objectives, maximising ROI on your investment.

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Whatever your change, the most costly thing you can do is wait too long to start. We’re happy to spend some time with you in a virtual session to either map a new or broken process, or uncover the key issues you need to fix.

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Our partners


We use Signavio in all our clients, to help map and mine your processes, or simulate the impact of planned changes.


Sometimes we improve clients processes with a combination of process re-design and robotic process automation, working with R-Path.


We use Onsophic to increase adoption of change programmes using real-time employee performance analytics.

The support for our Global Change project that i-Realise provided immediately hit the mark. They gave us a clear picture of how our project should unfold and built high-quality tools into the programme to help us deliver more quickly. What was particularly good was the highly collaborative approach. You let us input into the design but also brought insight and detailed knowledge, tips and techniques that kept us in control of our suppliers and therefore our project.

HR Service Director, Global Manufacturer