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On demand webinar: How do I get payroll working smarter not just harder?

On demand webinar: How do I get payroll working smarter not just harder?

Date:30 September 2020
Duration:45 minutes with Q&A
Location:On demand

Tips for HR, Finance & Payroll Professionals to get payroll higher on your company agenda

The big issue:

Payroll teams across the country have had a busy time coping with the pandemic, the resultant furlough scheme and of course, maintaining the usual legislative requirements. Payroll is now expected to achieve greater flexibility as employers flex the way they deploy their workforce. In addition, payroll is a function that isn’t normally allowed to work from home due to the large number of manual workarounds, and security protocols – so moving to homeworking has added challenges for this team. Many payroll teams will have coped with these challenges as they always tend to when under pressure – work longer, work harder!

The big question:

In this webinar we ask “what if payroll teams could work smarter, not harder?”

The indicators:

• Is your payroll function under-recognised and just seen as a processing function?
• Does payroll have no voice at board-level and is discussed only when payments go wrong for a senior exec?!
• What KPIs are you putting in front of senior managers to help them see payroll’s value?
• Is part of the problem that payroll managers are happy with detail and responding to challenges rather than selling the benefits of payroll to the business?
• Is the value of payroll data and information to support and shape corporate strategy lost in the gap between the HR and Finance systems or agendas?

The solution:

In this webinar we will share practical tips on solving these issues and improving payroll flexibility to make it easier to run your business.

Key Takeaways:

1. Build understanding with a set of payroll KPIs that mean something to the board.
2. Focus your payroll teams on developing compliance or flexible pay schemes not data processing.
3. Using technology to reduce manual tasks, cycle times and leakage.

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