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Payroll and Reward Brunch – July 2022

Payroll and Reward Brunch – July 2022

Date:30 June 2022
Duration:1 hour

Never a dull moment for a payroll and reward professional, and June 2022 is the best time to remind employers about the pending changes to the Primary Threshold effective 06 July 2022. This is a change that will require employers to ensure their software is updated ahead of any payday on or after 06 July 2022.

In addition to this, and as a result of Brunchtaker requests, i-Realise are pleased to welcome Matt Jenkin, Partner and Head of Employment at Moorcrofts Corporate Law. A regular industry speaker, Matt will talk about the interaction between holiday leave and sickness, a topic that often confuses. Plus, he will relay recent holiday leave case law rulings and explain how this impacts both employees and workers.

We look forward to welcoming Matt on 30 June at 11am. So, payroll and reward professionals, please spend an hour with Ian Holloway and Matt Jenkin, grab a coffee, prepare your questions and join us for Brunch.

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