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On demand webinar: Payroll and Reward Brunch – January 2022

On demand webinar: Payroll and Reward Brunch – January 2022

Date:27 January 2022
Duration:1 Hour
Location:On demand

A new calendar year and all of the UK Budgets – UK, Scottish and Welsh – have been delivered. So, you would think that employers and software developers would be in a healthy position to know what is coming ahead of the new tax year.

Yet, at a time when payroll and reward professionals crave certainty and stability, we are in the position of uncertainty in so many areas.

During Brunch on the 27th January at 11am, Ian Holloway will update payroll professionals on the important things that are known and, perhaps more importantly, the as-yet unknowns.

As businesses struggle with rising costs, paying people on time and accurately has never been as important and uncertain as we are currently experiencing. But, Ian will deliver up-to-date information which aims to alleviate some of this uncertainty and give you a useful, informative and stress-reducing hour.

Plus, at the end of the session, we encourage ‘brunchtakers’ into role reversal and ask you to feed us what your hot topics are. We will endeavour to include these in future Brunches, guest speaker invites, bespoke webinars or white papers.

We want to engage, advise & support the profession. The monthly brunch underlines this commitment. (Slides are available here)

Questions and answers from the webinar follow the video

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Regarding the change to the National Insurance calculation, is the fact there is a change being publicised by HMRC?

No.  It has been deduced from reading the guidance issued to software developers.  It has been queried most vigorously, as it just does not make sense that someone om, say, category letter A has to have their NICs calculated differently using a threshold that is not even applicable to them.

We are recruitment agency, does FUST affect us? We employ the temps, but could supply to any nature of business.

It will effect you anyway if there is a change in National Insurance calculation, because all of your employees, regardless of whether they work in a Freeport, will have to take into consideration the FUST threshold.

We won’t be in a position to claim for any Covid-related SSP by midnight on 24 March 2022.  We won’t have finished processing the March payroll by then and will not know if there is any SSP to reclaim.  Has the date been queried with HMRC?

Oh yes.  I think it is a mistake and I think we need to watch this space. To be clear, 24 March 2022 is not the end date of the scheme it is the end date for claims.  The scheme may be ended before 24 March.

Will this rates and thresholds document that you are putting together be available to all attendees?

It will be published on the i-Realise website but only as soon as I know all of the details.  I’m not one of these to publish something with parts that are not known and have to be amended later.

With regard to Statutory Parental bereavement Leave and Pay in Northern Ireland, is this being communicated to employers?

I have raised that point with HMRC and the Department for the Economy.  As far as I am aware, there is no communication plan and employers that are affected are best-placed to consider writing a policy in preparation.

Are the tax rates and threshold for Scotland and Wales in legislation yet?

There is no need for actual legislation, just the need for the relevant Parliaments to pass a ‘Resolution’.  These are set to be read and voted upon when the respective Governments publish their final Budgets later in February or March.

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