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On demand webinar: Payroll and Reward Brunch – February 2022

On demand webinar: Payroll and Reward Brunch – February 2022

Date:24 February 2022
Duration:1 hour
Location:On demand

In times that have been less than certain, payroll and reward professionals can rely on the stability of one tax year ending on 05 April and another one starting the day afterwards.  Yet, even having these set dates in our calendars doesn’t detract from the fact that this, too, brings uncertainty.  The reason is that we only go through year-end and year-start once annually and we must remind ourselves of what we did the year before!

So, as we rapidly approach the end of the tax year, the February Brunch aims to give certainty around the things we should be doing to complete one tax year and start the next.  All payroll functions differ, with some things more common than others, for example:

  • Do we have a week 53 / 54 / 56 payroll to process (and what about the tax and NICs considerations)?
  • Are we aware of all the rates and allowances for the new tax year so we can check our software has all of this in place?
  • Have we done all the Basic Earnings Assessments for childcare vouchers?
  • Do we have to claim the Employment Allowance again or allocate / reallocate the Apprenticeship Levy Allowance?

Our Brunch aims to provide a prompt for payroll and reward professionals whilst, at the same time ensure they are equipped with the latest information to start the new tax year with confidence.

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