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Is your payroll function failing?

Is your payroll function failing?

Date:17 May 2022
Duration:1 hour
Location:On demand

If payroll was easy, anyone would be able to press the proverbial (and non-existent) red button to ensure workers are paid on time and accurately. Hands-on experience has taught us that even the most seasoned payroll professional encounters problems that stop them completing their objectives.

Join Simon Puryer and Adrian Axtell to uncover 10 common payroll problems that we have discovered working with clients large and small in the private and public sectors. Real-world problems where taking an inward look at the payroll function and focusing on compliance corrections can often make all the difference.

And, if the payroll and reward function isn’t broken at the moment, are you really 100% sure that it is not an accident waiting to happen?

Join us for an eye opening webinar that could prevent your payroll function from ever fracturing.

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