Overcoming resistance to change

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They say people don’t like change. If you think about it that’s not entirely true – as individuals we move house, change jobs, even change our hairstyles. But when it comes to organisational change and business transformation, overcoming resistance to change can feel like the hardest part of the journey for everyone involved. In this…

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Payroll Transformation: Know Your Requirements

Employee perks and benefits are differentiators for your employer brand. But there’s nothing more emotive than someone’s pay – and getting payroll wrong can have far reaching implications. In this expert series, we look at why the requirements for transforming payroll are so often rushed, and how investing as much time in getting them right…

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Using technology to change behaviour

If there’s one question everyone asks about change, it’s “how do I get people to adopt it?” You’ve launched the new system, process, or product – but your employees are still doing things the same way they always have. They persist with the clunky manual workarounds they always used to complain about, or refuse to…

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