Engagement and communication to manage change

Communication and stakeholder engagement represent just one pillar of a robust change management programme, but without handling them effectively, change success is almost impossible to achieve. But what makes them effective? There are a number of key elements, and in this expert series, we focus on one that is often missed or ignored – why…

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Moody’s – Mitigating the risks of delivering a global payroll implementation

A global payroll challenge Following a successful growth period through acquisition, Moody’s, with entities across 30 countries, faced the challenge of dispersed payroll processes outsourced to multiple vendors, with the added complexity of different employment terms within each country. To achieve standardised payroll processes and controls globally, a new payroll solution needed to be implemented…

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Managing successful M&A programmes

Henry McNeil Headshot

Mergers and Acquisitions can lead to significant and sometimes highly sensitive change programmes that involve more than one organisation and sometimes very different cultures. In this, the next in our Expert Series, we discuss why both the deal rationale and the right type of due diligence are the building blocks for a successful post acquisition…

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Realising tangible benefits from business change

Adrian Axtell Head Shot

One of the things that gives change management a bad name, is just how frequently businesses embark on change programmes that promise much but deliver few tangible benefits in return for the business investment. In this, the next in our next expert series, we tackle the important topic of benefits realisation and how you can…

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Managing complex projects and programmes

George Tomlin Head Shot

Complexity can be an instant barrier to change. For many organisations, that complexity quickly turns into complicated plans, competing objectives and stakeholder politics – and a set of budgets and timeframes that are so overwhelming the project never gets off the ground. In this expert series, we look which types of projects are more complex…

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Clarifying vision and business case

Chris Collins Head Shot

There is one common element in all successful business transformations: a clear vision of what is needed to be achieved from the outset. In this, the next of our expert series, we look at why visions for change can be so tricky to define and how they can work in tandem with a good business…

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Aligning People to Business Transformation

Can a project be truly successful without bringing people along as part of the transformation journey? In this, the first of our expert series, Simon Puryer looks at the true value of aligning people to business transformation, our approach and our insights. People must be the priority Aligning people with the change is the glue…

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