Leveraging capabilities to create scalable business opportunities

Henry McNeil Headshot

Ambitious businesses looking to scale across multiple product lines, or through a Mergers and Acquisition strategy, often hit the same obstacle. How do you remove duplicate or overlapping processes, products, roles, applications or data whilst maintaining growth momentum in each product or business line? In this, our next Expert Series, Associate Consultant Henry McNeill explains…

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Argos – Implementing a new payroll system

Implementing a new payroll system is a major upheaval for any organisation. When this is managed in-house, conflicting priorities for different parts of the business can mean that new projects fail to gain the momentum that they need to succeed. Background Argos recognised the need to replace its payroll system as it was about to…

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Bridging the Gap: Transforming IT

Simon Thomas Head Shot

So many business transformations involve IT. Whether that’s IT being asked to enable a new business strategy, or a new technology emerging that in itself becomes your new product or service, your IT team are vital to its success. In this Expert Series we share the top tips for transforming IT teams, systems or architecture…

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