Overcoming resistance to change

George Tomlin Head Shot

They say people don’t like change. If you think about it that’s not entirely true – as individuals we move house, change jobs, even change our hairstyles. But when it comes to organisational change and business transformation, overcoming resistance to change can feel like the hardest part of the journey for everyone involved. In this…

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Engagement and communication to manage change

Communication and stakeholder engagement represent just one pillar of a robust change management programme, but without handling them effectively, change success is almost impossible to achieve. But what makes them effective? There are a number of key elements, and in this expert series, we focus on one that is often missed or ignored – why…

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Embedding change: give your staff a good change experience

Liz Barron Head Shot

Organisations, and the people within them, make change for a host of very good reasons – a better customer experience, increased revenue, more rewarding roles or improved profitability. They often invest a lot of money and then focus solely on making it happen; leaving how to make the change stick until far too late. In…

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