The Met Office – Process modelling and maturity mapping as the foundation for operating model transformation

Background With more than 3,000 forecasts delivered every day, powered by cutting-edge technology and world-leading science, the Met Office has a wide and complex process landscape. They needed to fully ‘map’ those processes in preparation for an external ISO 9001 audit, and then understand whether their current processes were mature enough to support a re-organsation…

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Overcoming resistance to change

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They say people don’t like change. If you think about it that’s not entirely true – as individuals we move house, change jobs, even change our hairstyles. But when it comes to organisational change and business transformation, overcoming resistance to change can feel like the hardest part of the journey for everyone involved. In this…

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Using simulation to predict and prioritise change benefits

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The way that we all live and work changed incredibly during 2020. Many industries were turned upside down and as we emerge from the pandemic, how customers and employees are prepared to engage with you is different. For many businesses, the longer-term financial position, and headcount planning, has become much harder to predict. So that…

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Engagement and communication to manage change

Communication and stakeholder engagement represent just one pillar of a robust change management programme, but without handling them effectively, change success is almost impossible to achieve. But what makes them effective? There are a number of key elements, and in this expert series, we focus on one that is often missed or ignored – why…

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B&Q – Central Business Effectiveness (CBE) Programme

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Background B&Q were at critical mass with the number of initiatives within their Central Business Effectiveness (CBE) Programme. Their tactical approach to business change and improvement, combined with the number of ‘stand-alone’ projects that were struggling for sponsorship, management ‘bandwidth’, competent team members and discrete budgetary allocation meant they were becoming overloaded. i-Realise were engaged…

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Carpetright – Warehouse operations review to enable strategic growth, productivity and improved efficiencies

Carpetright engaged i-Realise to review the state of their current warehouse operations. Background The objective of this initial piece of work was to remove the risk posed by tacit knowledge and to form the basis for future continuous improvement work by mapping As Is processes end to end. Following on from this, Carpetright asked i-Realise…

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Realising tangible benefits from business change

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One of the things that gives change management a bad name, is just how frequently businesses embark on change programmes that promise much but deliver few tangible benefits in return for the business investment. In this, the next in our next expert series, we tackle the important topic of benefits realisation and how you can…

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Training for successful change

Training is a crucial part of any change programme. It is often considered as a short stage at the end of the project but, after investing so much time, money and effort in planning and implementing a system or service change, it’s important to remember that the people involved in the day-to-day tasks need to…

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