GlaxoSmithKline – Merger Integration


When SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome merged, to create the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, an extensive integration programme was kicked off. i-Realise initially worked with SmithKline Beecham to help with merger preparations, after which the relationship continued with the new entity, both during integration and for several years post-merger. Approach We ensured that…

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Leveraging capabilities to create scalable business opportunities

Henry McNeil Headshot

Ambitious businesses looking to scale across multiple product lines, or through a Mergers and Acquisition strategy, often hit the same obstacle. How do you remove duplicate or overlapping processes, products, roles, applications or data whilst maintaining growth momentum in each product or business line? In this, our next Expert Series, Associate Consultant Henry McNeill explains…

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Overcoming resistance to change

George Tomlin Head Shot

They say people don’t like change. If you think about it that’s not entirely true – as individuals we move house, change jobs, even change our hairstyles. But when it comes to organisational change and business transformation, overcoming resistance to change can feel like the hardest part of the journey for everyone involved. In this…

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Engagement and communication to manage change

Communication and stakeholder engagement represent just one pillar of a robust change management programme, but without handling them effectively, change success is almost impossible to achieve. But what makes them effective? There are a number of key elements, and in this expert series, we focus on one that is often missed or ignored – why…

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On demand webinar: Successful Change with RPA

How can Robotic Process Automation form an integral part of your change process – boosting productivity, saving money and completing tasks quickly and accurately. Join Andrew Woessner, CEO at R-Path Automation, and Simon Puryer, Managing Director at i-Realise, to learn about the basics of RPA, how RPA fits into a wider change methodology, and how…

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The challenges of compliance-led change

Ian Holloway Headshot

New or updated legislation drives a lot of business change. It’s easy to see legislative change as a necessary evil – the cost to comply in time to avoid penalties. And yet, sometimes new legislation can open up opportunities for new products and services or to improve the customer, stakeholder and employee experience. In this…

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As-Is & To-Be for large scale business transformation

Melanie Rawlinson Head Shot

When a business is looking to change their commercial focus, it usually involves a new operating model and a degree of structural re-organisation. In this, the next in our Expert Series, we look at how the As-Is and To-Be approach will guide you, and why it’s important to get the org structure confirmed and agreed…

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Clarifying vision and business case

Chris Collins Head Shot

There is one common element in all successful business transformations: a clear vision of what is needed to be achieved from the outset. In this, the next of our expert series, we look at why visions for change can be so tricky to define and how they can work in tandem with a good business…

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Aligning People to Business Transformation

Can a project be truly successful without bringing people along as part of the transformation journey? In this, the first of our expert series, Simon Puryer looks at the true value of aligning people to business transformation, our approach and our insights. People must be the priority Aligning people with the change is the glue…

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