Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can reduce your costs and free up your teams’ time for more interesting work. Bots interact with the many systems your team is transferring data between on a day-to-day basis, which helps you digitise the employee or customer journey.

At i-Realise, we know that the real benefits of RPA come from embracing it as a strategic resourcing tool - freeing up humans from repetitive manual tasks to have more time for value-added activities. This requires careful management to ensure that employees are ready for their new improved roles and know how to interact with their new digital colleagues.

If this thinking is applied across your company, you can achieve true transformation as people focus more on innovating new products, increasing customer satisfaction and disrupting their competitors.

Implementation Framework

For every successful project there is one that fails to achieve its objectives. What’s more, even companies that are successful often stop their progress after implementing only a handful of bots. So along with our partners R-Path Automation and Signavio, we’ve developed a 4-stage approach to de-risk RPA introduction and maximise the benefits derived from it.

Implementation Framework

Our RPA Readiness Pilot

We can identify the areas of your employee or customer journey that will benefit most from automation. So you can be more agile and your people can focus on more valuable activities. Find opportunities to improve the employee or customer experience, identify potential cost savings and choose the best area to pilot your first operational bot.

Our RPA Pilot will give you:

We deliver this pilot in partnership with robotic process automation experts, R-Path Automation and web-based workflow and process experts Signavio.

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What would you like to do now:

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