X|R|M™ delivers successful, process-centric business transformation

When business strategy changes or evolves, X|R|M™ provides the means to design a matching operating model to support and deliver that change

Our Approach

X|R|M™ enables businesses to deliver large-scale, sustainable transformation with early ROI and minimised risk. A mix of agile and traditional approaches allows changes to be delivered in small chunks that can be trialed over time and deliver benefits independently.

X|R|M™ engages, empowers and equips teams to deliver creative change successfully.

Our change methodology is built from 28 years of successful change. X|R|M™ is shorthand for transform and we have the proven tools and techniques that can be applied from strategy through to implementation.

This approach works within three pillars of business readiness and combines over 30 tools to de-risk and deliver effective change for your business. We can select and combine these in a very agile way; we know that every business change is different and each project requires its own unique blend.

In the last 3 years we’ve also been partnering with tech companies like Signavio, Onsophic and R-Path automation to digitise some of our tools.


Below we outline just a few of our 30+ tools and techniques.

We have focused on tools that we can train you to use or we can implement in standalone workshops. If you’d like to discuss our full change methodology or specific tools or workshops in detail, please book a call here or email info@i-realise.co.uk.

Defining a Business Case and Tracking Benefits

What: Through stakeholder calls and workshops we confirm the project background and context, defining the value the project will deliver and the ultimate goals for all stakeholders. We define the correct KPIs and metrics that will benchmark your project as it’s being implemented.

How: Not only do we help you understand the different components of successful business cases, we also help gather the information and present it in a compelling and convincing format. We outline what to track to deliver the benefits, how to track it and how to present it in a format that can be used to inform the board of the impact of your programme.

Outcomes: The output is shared and discussed so that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the value the project is intended to produce, the benefits it will deliver and the milestones along the way.  This will also highlight upfront any projects which don’t have a strong enough business case to succeed, reducing wasted time and money.

Projects without goals and benefits defined are the ones most likely to fail. A good business case can secure resources, focus stakeholders and ensure decisions will lead to the right outcomes. One of our strengths is ensuring continuous monitoring of the benefits throughout your change programme to adapt quickly and ensure the benefits are realised.

Process Mapping Workshops (using Signavio)

What: In workshops with you we capture processes precisely and to the required level of detail to unearth the real operational issues and provide a practical basis for implementation.

How: We hold virtual or in-house workshops and capture processes real-time in Signavio (we used to do this on brown paper with post-its!). Everyone can see the processes emerge and sense-check them both during and after the workshop.

Outcomes: Clear and concise information regarding specific processes taking all attendee views into consideration, presented in a way that’s understandable from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Change projects based on an inaccurate or theoretical view of current processes won’t fix the real issues. Getting everyone’s input in a quick and transparent manner will naturally unearth the key issues to solve.

Issues & Root Cause Analysis

What: From significant business problems to detailed operational issues, we get to the bottom of why specific issues are occurring within processes and how the root cause of them can be addressed – including how to test an envisaged solution against its ability to address the root.

How: A team-based approach to brainstorming and solving problems where we categorise the issues captured and root cause each issue.

Outcomes: Issues captured with their RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status showing the complexity of change, and the common root causes for different issues flagging the biggest areas of risk.

Identifying issues is only half the job.  If you don’t get to the real root cause, your new operating model or process still won’t work.  Our approach allows you to focus in on the core issues that would have the widest impact if changed.

Change Idea Generation and Prioritisation

What: We help you describe and develop change ideas that address the root cause issues, then prioritise them.  Our approach allows for both creativity and pragmatism.

How:  We have a tried and tested format to ensure you can explore how your idea will solve the problem. We work with you to create many initial ideas, then build more structured statements, review the benefits and concerns, and develop a mini-plan for the most viable ideas.

Outcomes: Well-considered change ideas with the next steps you’d need to progress them.

It’s easy to brainstorm ideas but prioritising which will most successfully solve your issues without negatively impacting other business areas can be more tricky. We help you select and develop practical plans for the ideas that will have biggest benefit.

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