RPA and Payroll: Why Automation Alone is Not Enough

Event Date:            15th October 2020 - 13:30 - 14:15, Stream 5, Workshop 21
Event Location:    CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition - Celtic Manor Resort
Event Cost:            See CIPP Conference Booking Page (link below) for more information

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a huge topic.  Its promised ability to automate high-volume, high-frequency tasks across multiple systems or business areas makes payroll a perfect candidate to benefit from the help of this new ‘digital workforce’.

 And yet only 50% of automation projects achieve their objectives.  There are three problems preventing companies from realising the true benefits of RPA in payroll:

1. People underestimate the complexity of payroll and the many (often legacy) systems and processes it encompasses, and don’t think about the wider business impacts.

 2. Companies are wedded to the idea of ‘one new system will fix everything’ rather than considering a balance of systems, automation and people.

 3. Automation doesn’t ‘stick’, as the change management skills required to embed it in a business are poorly understood.

 In other words, automation alone is not enough for RPA to achieve its full potential. You need humans in the loop, you need other technology and tools, and, most importantly, you need a strong understanding of the way your business really works.

 Join this value-packed workshop to find out more, and explore how payroll can really benefit from RPA, and reap the rewards. You will discover:

·       What RPA is and how it could transform the areas of the employee journey that most impact payroll.

·       The importance of process transformation in unlocking the full benefits of RPA and how to tackle that.

·       How to re-risk RPA-enabled change management.

 We’ll walk you through some real-life case studies, and show you a ‘bot’ in action!

Join us, and learn how to get the best out of your bots for payroll.

 The CIPP Annual Conference and Exhibition is taking place 14-15 October 2020 at the prestigious Celtic Manor Resort, Wales,. It provides an invaluable opportunity for professionals to educate, collaborate and celebrate all things payroll, pensions and reward. Click here to book your place and join Simon Puryer in stream 5 to find out how bots could help you and your team.