Whether you’re transforming your infrastructure or digitising one function, your new system needs to land smoothly with customers and employees.

i-Realise are the business readiness people. We analyse the business-wide impact of your systems change and help you get it adopted in complex or distributed organisations.

We bring a flexible and practical methodology coupled with experienced business people who have embedded new systems before. They interface with other business functions to make your change happen and join your team day-to-day to get the work done.

Digitisation and Platforms

IT is responsible for driving the digitisation of business, many business operations and customer interfaces.  We work with you to analyse the end-to-end impact of your digital change across the entire customer and employee journeys – helping you to engage the business and key stakeholders along the way.

We can give you a clear picture of which areas of the business will be impacted by your plans and what questions they need to know to embrace your new system.