What does a Change Manager actually do? A day in the life…

What does a Change Manager actually do? A day in the life…

A day in the life of a Change Manager

Monday morning as a change manager often starts early with train travel to wherever I’m going for my current client. It’s a good opportunity to reflect on the previous week and prepare for the week ahead and immediate priorities.

Why it’s important to be on client site

Being on client site is essential for effective change programmes. In my role it’s all about moving things forward, and in a dynamic environment, the plan is constantly changing. Time is precious for senior stakeholders, so catching up with them in a coffee queue or corridor are valuable opportunities. I also prefer being on-site for team meetings and engagement sessions.

Making business change ‘comfortable’ for the client

Not everyone is comfortable with business change, but most people are curious and want to know more. Keeping everyone in the loop takes time but pays dividends. Although change is and should be hard work, it’s also creative, exciting and hugely rewarding. Working as a Change Manager for a client is a great opportunity to add value and make a difference: perhaps through an external perspective; introducing a new approach; injecting some drive and enthusiasm; and always some structure and organisation.

How my schedule changes for the client’s needs

Depending on the phase of the client’s programme, my Monday can look very different.

At an early stage we will be working with the client to define the required outcomes and objectives and building the business case. By identifying benefits to be delivered and developing the materials that tell a story to the decision-makers, we show how these outcomes will make a compelling case for change.

Following approval, setting up the programme in the right way is essential. We have extensive experience of governance and stakeholder management, team structures and ways of working including planning and mobilisation, that ensure a programme has the right elements in place from the start.

For the analysis and design phase, our methodology provides a tool kit that is adaptable to the specific nature of the changes required to meet the business objectives. Getting the right design for the future is critical for the success of the programme. We do this in a highly collaborative and cross-functional way to ensure there is buy-in across the business and the change will ultimately be a success.

And for the implementation phase, our recognition of what is changing and how this will impact everyone involved, together with any technology dependencies and logistical considerations, enables us to build a robust transition plan that delivers change successfully while minimising impact and business risk.

My Approach

Everyone at i-Realise has their individual style, but we all have the same core values and principles driving the way we work. We are totally committed to the delivery of our client projects and achieving a successful result and we prefer to do this through joint client teams. This means sharing our approach and methods, rising to the challenge when there are problems to be solved and working collaboratively to bring everyone on the journey.


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