Virtual change mapping: clarity out of chaos

Virtual change mapping: clarity out of chaos

The coming months will continue to mean an unprecedented amount of change that none of us have planned for.

Running virtual workshops to capture, prioritise and implement change ideas and new ways of working is something we’ve been helping clients with for years and we’re more than happy to show you how. If you want a quick call about virtual change mapping we will simply give you a few tips.

We also have the people and software available to make it affordable for you to keep your critical projects moving without paying big consultancy fees:

  • Do you have an urgent need to capture processes but worry that social separation is getting in the way? We can get these key processes documented via virtual workshops so your team don’t have to meet in person, but everyone can still contribute efficiently.
  • Do you worry that you have individuals in the team who would be a single point of failure if they got sick – because they hold the ‘how to’ in their heads? We can help you capture this quickly and give you outputs that the rest of the team can use or be trained on.
  • Do you have a critical project underway that you need to keep moving to keep your customers? We can provide you with virtual programme or change managers on flexible terms. A safe pair of hands external from your situation who can help facilitate discussions about what needs to change in your project, as well as guiding your new remote team to keep going on the most critical tasks.

We have lots of experience of getting key processes documented or change ideas prioritised.

Contact Simon Puryer or Chris Collins directly on LinkedIn about virtual change mapping or you can book a video call direct in Simon’s calendar here.

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