Recruiter turns Retainer?

Recruiter turns Retainer?

Payroll is an essential part of any business operation and a happy workforce generally performs better (and most of us do it for the money if we are honest). So, being paid correctly and on time is one of the factors of this.

Yet, as we hopefully come to an end of the restrictions and possibly furlough, Neil Wild from Pro-Recruitment says that he is speaking to a higher than usual volume of payroll professionals expressing they are feeling undervalued, over worked and possibly worse, unappreciated. He says:

‘Many of the business leaders and even managers that I have spoken with or seen speak at payroll forums all agree that the payroll teams have done an amazing job, however many of their staff are talking to people like myself and my colleague Ray. These discussions include conversations about why they are unhappy, the options open to them and how we can help them find a new role. I appreciate that not everyone can be saved from moving roles (and to be honest I am grateful for this, or else I would be out of work), however are employers confident that their employees would turn to them before applying for a job they see advertised? Do they feel engaged, well paid, are there possibilities for personal and professional development?

I thought that this was an unusual perspective from someone who makes their living from recruiting staff. Surely, someone in recruitment should be advocating that people change their careers. Now, it seems, a recruitment expert is changing into a retention consultant. However, Neil is troubled by the fact that he is often approached by long-standing clients who say ‘find me the usual. You know what I look for’.

So, June’s Brunch will explore this interesting perspective in more detail. Payroll is and continues to be a career choice and there are opportunities for advancement in the profession. Whilst the seat at the boardroom table may be some way off for many, isn’t it the responsibility of employers and managers to want to retain their payroll staff and consider what their staff are feeling?

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