Furloughing isn’t just furloughing. Mapping the wider process for Payroll & HR

Furloughing isn’t just furloughing. Mapping the wider process for Payroll & HR

Furloughing isn’t just furloughing. Mapping the wider process for Payroll & HR

Whilst most of the debate on Furloughing or Salary reductions right now are about the impact on cashflow, or which employees do and don’t qualify, we know that the practicalities of implementing these COVID-19 initiatives quickly across an organisation are the real challenge. Especially for Payroll and HR professionals.

The success of any pay change isn’t just about the calculation. It’s about the data, processes and communication up and downstream of making the payment.

The decisions organisations are making now will have an impact later based on the way it’s set up. For example:

  • HR will need to brief managers and evidence that relevant conversations have happened with employees as furloughing or salary reductions are essentially a change of contract and make sure that managers are briefed.
  • Payroll managers will need to implement the change itself on systems in a way that it can be reported and take decisions about the impact on other calculations such as sick pay, holiday or maternity pay entitlement.
  • Finance will need to understand the tax and cashflow implications as well as ensure that processes are auditable.

What we’re offering to help you

FREE FURLOUGH JOURNEY: A free outline of the wider areas to consider across your business and their impact on the employee journey. Email info@i-realise.co.uk to get your copy.

FREE WORKSHOP: A free 2-hour virtual mapping workshop to help you dig deeper and document the processes surrounding these new COVID-19 pay rules. Not only will we ask the questions that will guide you to figure out the best way to get to a robust and compliant process quickly. But also we’ll give you your mapped process so you can evidence it with senior management and HMRC.

We will:

  1. Go through your furlough journey and discuss the areas you want to focus on
  2. Ask the questions face to face on video and map the process live with you on Signavio
  3. Send you the PDF map afterwards, along with tips based our discussions with other payrollers

To get your free session email spuryer@i-realise.co.uk or book a 20 minute video chat with him here.

FREE FORUM: You can join our weekly confidential in-house payroll forum so you hear what other companies are doing. 1 hour on the 4th Thursday of the month to network with payroll peers and solve each others challenges. This is a vendor-free environment under Chatham House rules.

For dates, times and the links to join please click here.

FREE WEBINAR: Watch this 45 minute on-demand webinar as we outline how furloughing effects the wider areas of your business and their impact on the employee journey.

Please click here to watch.

Why you need this right now:

Payrollers: We believe you have the answers for how to do this! You just need the space and support to get your thinking organised and get it down on paper in a structured way for other stakeholders. In 2 hours we’ll give you the clarity and action plan you need to be a payroll hero now, and input into the HMRC portal when it’s live.

HR Leaders: You have the tough job of helping your employees adapt to rapid change whilst making sure that what you do is compliant with legislation and best practice. Documenting the employee and communication processes around furloughing and salary reduction will allow you to evidence what you’ve done with HMRC.

i-Realise are the business readiness people. We help you de-risk business and process-led change.

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