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Rates and Allowances – Tax Year 2022/23

Rates and Allowances – Tax Year 2022/23

At the start of each tax year, payroll professionals have many changes of rates and allowances to familiarise themselves with. We must, almost, consign the rates of the previous tax year to memory as we commence payroll processing for the new year.

Therefore, welcome to the i-Realise document that consolidates all of these new rates and allowances into one document. This is created specifically so that the information is in one place in a convenient format, allowing this to be the ‘one-stop’ document for payroll HR and software developer professionals.

It is designed for professionals at all levels and, where appropriate, we have the rates and allowances for 2022/23 next to those that applied in the previous tax year, indicating the change.

This is a collation of data that is widely and publicly available from sources such as Gov.UK. If you would like any further information or have comments, please contact us.

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