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8 steps to successful transformation

8 steps to successful transformation

The following is an excerpt from our ‘8 steps to successful transformation’ paper which you can download here.

Is your change problem led or vision led?

Problem-led projects

Operational issues are often but not exclusively discovered during the As-Is process. This is where we uncover what is not working, highlighting every issue before boiling down to root causes. It is important to differentiate the difference between these issues that are symptoms and not the root causes. Where people are involved in uncovering the issues, they feel like they are being listened to and this gives them an interest in the To-Be design as they want to see if their issues are being resolved.

With the process fully mapped and all issues identified, the next steps should look for root causes rather than focusing on tweaks to symptoms or issues. The ‘Why?’ question is critical to following the path until the actual root cause, not a symptom, is uncovered.

Validation and grouping of issues into similar themes or types of issues enables the narrowing down to root causes, the benefit being that by fixing one, all associated issues are resolved.

Vison-led projects

If one or more people in the company have a vision of what the business could look like after transformation, a critical step is capturing the vision in a way that will inspire and direct people through the transformation program, without stifling creativity. This is generally achieved with a combination of words and pictures.

Design principles are a key tool in defining the vision and are all about WHAT needs to be achieved and how we will judge the new operating model. The design starts with design principles which start articulating the key elements of an operating model vision.

Design principles are important whether the project is vision-led or problem led. The difference is that a vision- led project will start with design principles, whereas design principles in a problem-led project will evolve out of an understanding of the root causes to be addressed.

Design principles are an essential ‘lever’ allowing senior management to influence the shape and direction of the design of the new operating model.


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