Webinar: How to use simulation to build more flexible processes or operating plans

  • Date: 20 January 2021
  • Time: 12:30 pm
  • Duration: 30 Minutes plus 15 minutes Q & A
  • Location: Zoom Webinar
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2021: the year of change resilience!

How to use simulation to build more flexible processes or operating plans

Constant change makes it harder to build plans for the future – or even the next six months!

Not only does the new normal demand you change the way you work together, you will also need to change your approach to change.  Developing change ideas quickly and then simulating their impact up front can save you time and money as well as building flexibility.

Designed specifically for Heads of functional departments and HR, this webinar will show you how to deliver change more effectively – by showing the impact of potential plans before you implement them using the Signavio simulation tool, and building change options that you can flex in and out.

If you are the head of a department that needs to change your processes or operating models – either internal or customer facing – then this webinar is for you.

The webinar will be 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for you to ask questions of the change experts.

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