On demand webinar: Is a ‘hero mentality’ masking your risk of system outages?

  • Date: 25 May 2021
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Cost: On Demand

What happens when your heroes leave – who will keep your systems running?

One major issue faced by businesses today is reliance on ‘super heroes’ – those people that hold understanding of how various bits of the systems fit together in their head. They are the people who have to be on every outage call to get it fixed before customers are impacted. Their intelligence needs to be captured in an AI-driven Monitoring, Logging and Alerting (MLA) ecosystem, to automatically fix issues before they turn into incidents or involve the right responders if they do.

MLA tools on their own won’t achieve success – you can’t just switch them on and let them run. Success will require changes to processes, organization and governance. This is where an effective transformation process is successful.

Watch Dave Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering & Technology at Corelogic, and Chris Collins, Chairman at i-Realise as they provide key insights and discuss their experience of delivering significant increases in system stability through the use of MLA as part of a large transformation program.