X|R|M™ : A change methodology that stands the test of time

X|R|M™ : A change methodology that stands the test of time

Continuously developed over the last 30 years, X|R|M™is our proprietary change methodology that delivers successful, process-centric business transformation. 

When business strategy changes or evolves, X|R|M™ provides the means to design a matching operating model to support and deliver that change.  It enables businesses to deliver large-scale, sustainable transformation with early return on investment and minimised risk.  

X|R|M™ is shorthand for transform and is a suite of tools that can be applied from strategy through to implementation. 

All of our consultants and associate consultants are trained how to use the key tools of X|R|M™with clients, and we run annual training sessions to share learnings and improve upon them.  

We recently caught up with some of our consultants about two of the core modules; Operating Model Design and running AS-IS Workshops. 

Operating Model Design 

We use the term operating model to describe the underlying structure – how a company is designed to operate.  There are two critical aspects to an operating model – how it works and how it creates value. Ensuring that these are aligned makes change happen and we work hard with clients to ensure that their strategy and operating model are designed together. How the change is designed can also be very different between Vision-led and Problem-led transformation. 

“Clients really get the structure that X|R|M™ brings to transformation projects. They see clear progress through the method which builds confidence in success, while participation gives them insights and shared knowledge at a level that is rare outside of X|R|M™ ”. 
Mark Henry, Associate Management Consultant. 

As-Is Process-Mapping Workshops 

A core principle of change that’s often overlooked, is making sure that you know the real situation you are changing from. Working from what you think happens, to what really happens between multiple departments, can hinder the rate of change. Processes are at the heart of a business model, they are like the arteries of a business – which turn the inputs into an output for the customer.  It’s as important to map your existing As-Is processes as it is to design new ones, and we have spent 30 years honing the skills to do this – whether on brown paper or using new technology like Signavio. Our workshops are great for identifying current issues, and for getting engagement. 

Don’t struggle alone with business transformation: we make change happen, together.

i-Realise are an independent change management consultancy who help large organisations de-risk change. Our clients know us best for making change happen, together. Our X|R|M™ methodology is at the heart of our 30-year success.


Chris Collins Head ShotX|R|M™ was created to address the high level of failures in transformation or re-engineering projects. Such projects are typically driven by a new strategy to counter competitive action, or fix problems that threaten survival. Such projects must not fail.  X|R|M™ uses a mix of agile and traditional approaches which deliver large-scale, sustainable transformation with early ROI and minimised risk.  X|R|M™ engages, empowers and equips teams to deliver creative change successfully. We work shoulder to shoulder with your team, transferring skills to them. Change & transformation become a repeatable capability which is why we have a track record of helping large, well-known companies deliver process-centric transformation – making change happen, together” 

Chris Collins, Founder

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