UPM – Global payroll training and re-organisation

UPM, a global manufacturing organisation, engaged i-Realise when they were about to embark on a global re-organisation of payroll.


The company recognised that they needed help to strengthen their project management capability as they had limited internal experience and skills in managing payroll specific projects.

With the key project manager on long term leave and previous poor experiences of using payroll service providers to project manage their change, the business needed to build the experience of their in-house project team fast.


Whilst UPM could find plenty of project-management courses, none of these understood or catered for the complex interdependencies and legislative requirements of payroll specific to their organisation.

The business needed help to scope out the project management design-build a clear picture of all the areas that needed to be considered, and the potential pitfalls. Additionally, knowledge of key tools and methods that would keep the suppliers accountable and bridge the gap back to the business was required.


A collaborative approach was clearly needed to embed skills in the existing team as well as support delivery. i-Realise worked with the team to scope the project and training requirements in detail, including a two day “dry-run” with a group of managers and specialists from the global payroll team. It was important that in-house staff could input into the project design and we helped them get a crystal clear understanding of what was really needed for a project of this scale and complexity. We brought external insight and a level of payroll specific project detail, tips and techniques that allowed their team to engage their suppliers throughout the project.


The first workshop immediately hit the mark with the team who fed back that the training was exactly what was needed – “it answered all the questions we had and gave us tools to manage the program”. It allowed the organisation to better manage their suppliers – challenging them throughout the project – and kept them, not their suppliers, in control.

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“The workshop immediately hit the mark. i-Realise gave us a clear picture of how our project should unfold and
built high quality tools into the program to help us deliver more quickly. What was particularly good was the
highly collaborative approach. You let us input into the design but also brought insight and detailed knowledge,
tips and techniques that allowed us to take control of our suppliers and therefore our project.”


Ronnie Stevenson, HR Services Director, UPM

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