B&Q – Central Business Effectiveness (CBE) Programme


B&Q were at critical mass with the number of initiatives within their Central Business Effectiveness (CBE) Programme. Their tactical approach to business change and improvement, combined with the number of ‘stand-alone’ projects that were struggling for sponsorship, management ‘bandwidth’, competent team members and discrete budgetary allocation meant they were becoming overloaded.

i-Realise were engaged to assist with the development and design of a longer term method for managing business process improvement within B&Q. i-Realise had also demonstrated their expertise in consulting tools and techniques taken from their X|R|M™ methodology and this was felt to be advantageous to B&Q.


We knew that B&Q would not consider a long-term development of a process improvement method and we also knew that they would not embark on an ‘intellectual’ exercise of method design.

i-Realise’s solution was to select a simple business process and pilot the process improvement method on that area, providing some tangible benefits and creating a real method as we went. The business process selected was New Store Opening.

Due to the B&Q culture, this pragmatic solution was selected instead of a strategic one in order to prove the concept and deliver benefits early.


i-Realise gained support from the management team responsible for overall process improvement. They selected the New Store Opening process and agreed to the pilot approach. We then gained support from the department currently responsible for store opening and format development as they saw the project as an opportunity to up-skill key staff.

Working closely with seconded Business Analysts and Business Representatives, the i-Realise team spent 6 months defining the As-Is and To-Be store opening processes, identifying issues and risks, conducting problem solving analysis and finally producing a To-Be design.

During the project, i-Realise staff engaged in one-to-one training and coaching of client staff including Project Managers and Business Analysts, integrating tools and techniques into a method for process improvement.


  • Staff gained new skills in analysis techniques and experience in facilitating workshops, managing senior staff
    time and presenting ideas and initiatives in a structured format.
  • B&Q can now combine the ‘Can-Do’, tactical approach to rapid problem solving with a structured approach
    to business process improvement, which can be applied to any business process, no matter how complex.

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